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Our Quality Commitment

At The Spectrum Network, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service. Our credentials include:

  • CARF accreditation
  • State of Iowa certificate of accreditation for Supported Community Living (SCL) services
  • Highly skilled staff members who are well trained to serve our diverse clientele

CARF Accreditation

What is CARF?

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an organization that reviews and grants accreditation services nationally and internationally. CARF standards are rigorous, so services that meet them are among the best available.

CARF is an independent nonprofit organization. Its focus is on ensuring people receive high quality of services from other organizations. CARF also provides consultation to organizations so they can improve their delivery of services.

What does it mean to be accredited?

Through CARF accreditation, The Spectrum Network has made a major commitment to quality through a voluntary process of accountability. CARF holds us accountable for meeting nationally and internationally recognized standards of performance.

Accreditation means we've passed an in-depth review of our services and have met CARF's rigorous standards. We have been examined during an on-site survey by skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

What is the benefit of CARF accreditation?

By choosing a CARF-accredited organization like ours, you are ensured that we have met performance standards that are internationally recognized, and that were developed with input from consumers like you.

Which services are accredited by CARF?

All of our services are accredited by CARF.

For more information, visit www.carf.org.