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Programs and Services for Adults with Disabilities and Mental Illness

The Spectrum Network is built around the needs of the people we serve. Over the years, we have grown and adapted our services to better meet these needs.  Our services are tailored to the needs of the people, not the other way around. We look forward to future growth in both the types of people we serve and the programs we offer.

Who The Spectrum Network Serves:

  • Adults with disabilities
  • Adults with mental illness

Programs Currently Offered by The Spectrum Network:

Supported Community Living:

The Supported Community Living programs at The Spectrum Network help clients with disabilities live more independently in their own homes by assisting them with daily life skill like shopping, cleaning, laundry, bill paying and other common tasks.

Prevocational Training:

The Prevocational Training programs at The Spectrum Network involve working with adults with challenges and barriers to increase their work skills, independence and job knowledge. This training can be one-on-one or in an enclave or group setting.

Community Based Employment:

The Community Based Employment services at The Spectrum Network works with our clients to help them find, secure and keep jobs in the community. We provide job coaching, support and ongoing check-ins to ensure success.

Day Habilitation Program:

The Spectrum Network offers a social-based Day Habilitation Program for clients who are unable to work or who are beyond the working age. Activities include cooking, community outings and daily activities to build on social skills, and life skill training.

All of the services at The Spectrum Network are designed and operated to help adults with disabilities, mental illness, and other barriers to work and life succeed and live happy, productive lives.

If you are looking for services for yourself or others, please contact The Spectrum Network today to learn more.